2022-04-08Text Permutations on iOS/macOS
2017-07-18Shifty Metadata
2014-10-29Current File Path
2014-08-26Finding Conventions, Establishing Standards
2014-07-17Benchmarking the sasload Statement
2014-07-09Rebuilding Wide Macros
2014-05-19Last Week of Quarter
2014-05-03Setting %array Values Through %do_over
2013-04-30Convert to a [hhmmss-Type Integer to a] SAS Time - (SO)
2013-04-01Pretty Note Blocks
2013-02-01writing fractions in html
2012-11-26SAS Global Forum 2013
2012-10-30blocks, not lines
2012-10-28dates from date times
2012-09-25classical sas
2012-09-17resolve function
2012-08-02Western Users of SAS Software 2012
2012-05-10windows environment variables
2012-04-26My SAS Global Forum 2012 Timeline
2012-04-06self-purging macros?
2012-04-02simulating child's play
2012-03-29getting feedback on macro parameters
2012-03-14macros and the data step
2012-02-19api upgrades
2012-01-23vending machine math
2012-01-05the positive side of keeping all your eggs in one basket
2011-10-12Western Users of SAS Software 2011
2011-09-22dates in datetime fields
2011-04-25the VVALUE function--like a quick PUT function
2011-03-07label carryover
2011-02-08month of quarter variable
2011-01-26how do i read a file's creation date?
2009-11-09the utility of generic macros
2009-10-20an mmddyyyy hhmmss informat. kinda.
2009-07-15random dates
2009-07-10calculating average time (duration)
2009-07-08%d: a handy little macro for dynamic dating
2009-06-01encoding data points for use with google charts api calls
2009-05-19reading overlapping text segments
2009-05-11reading non-standard datetime values
2009-05-06reading iso dates and datetimes
2009-04-28frustrations with dashboarding in sas 9.1.3
2009-03-22SAS Global Forum 2009
2008-08-06The Missing Format: QYY
2008-06-18Wiping USB Drives
2008-03-16SAS Global Forum 2008
2008-01-24Autosave My Day
2008-01-16The Ugly Truth About Call Execute
2007-12-22Let That Be a Lesson to 'Ya!
2007-12-21Converting YYYYMMDD-Type Integer to SAS Date Values
2007-11-09What's the Point of This?
2007-11-08iTunes XML Parser
2007-10-07SAShboards = Dashboards in SAS?
2007-10-06Calculating Period-to-Period Changes in SAS
2007-09-17Pacific Northwest SAS Users Group 2007
2006-03-26SAS User Group International 31
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