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2012 Nov 26, Monday

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SAS Global Forum proposals were due last week. Here’s mine.

A SAS Macro and jQuery: A System for Examining Data Sets in the Browser

This paper discusses a SAS macro which was developed to quickly examine an arbitrary data set or library. The macro merges the results from PROC CONTENTS, PROC SUMMARY, and numerous PROC FREQ steps into a single data set. In addition to data set-level analysis, the macro also compiles cross-section analysis.

The results are then written to a .json file which is picked up by a custom-built visualization tool. This tool is powered by jQuery and uses open-source plugins (such as jqPlot and jquery-option-tree). Give the flexibility of JSON models, adding visualizations is a straightforward process.

Unfortunately, there was no place to add screenshots in the submission to showcase the working version. Fortunately, I can add a couple here:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

SAS Global Forum 2013 - November 26, 2012 - Richard Koopmann