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2012 Aug 02, Thursday

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I was invited to submit a paperNot one to let a good paper go to waste, I also presented this at the MidWest SAS Users Group 2012 Conference in Minneapolis, MN, where I was named Best Paper. to the Western Users of SAS Software conference this September.

Here is an excerpt from the abstract:

Many of the routine tasks we do in SAS can be converted into parameterized macros. Whether you are pulling standard data sets for ad hoc reports or some other low-level functionality, macros can help make repetitious tasks more palatable. Developing a common macro script structure and committing to it are just the first steps toward having a more concise code base.

This paper outlines framework for developing component macros that report back macro usage. While the framework was developed in a SAS 9.1/9.2 client-server environment (running under Windows XP, 32-bit), it should work under any client-server environment and could be modified to run under disparate clients sharing a common networked drive.

The code is over on GitHub and the full submission can be read here.

Western Users of SAS Software 2012 - August 2, 2012 - Richard Koopmann