⨳ Setlist Events in Go ⨳

2020 Apr 07, Tuesday

⨳ 1 minute read ⨳ 155 words ⨳ golang

Over the past few months, I’ve been toying around with go. Python has never really clicked for me. And forget about r. As you might imagine, working with APIs in SAS felt like an overkill. In bash it was a little more sane, but still felt a bit off.

Rather than tackling a work project, I opted to focus on one with a lot less complexity: setlist.fm api.

The details are in the github repo. Primarily, I wanted to be able to retail a full listing of events I attended even if setlist.fm goes away. Secondarily, I wanted these listings to be usable in Jekyll. Thus, under the events page, I’m able to calculate some high-level stats along with an event-level list. I’m still responsible for keeping my copy of things up-to-date with what’s on setlist.fm, but this is a much cleaner approach than the original method I was attempting.

Setlist Events in Go - April 7, 2020 - Richard Koopmann