⨳ In the Future, I'll Only Buy Memorex Optical Media ⨳

2013 Feb 23, Saturday

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Over the past few weeks, I cleaned up my old media spindles. Removing the discs I no longer need or want. This amounted to a box full of about 100 recordable discs destined for the recycling bin.

For security reasons, I wanted to destroy them before tossing them into the bin. So I folded them, label side out.

Some were much easier to destroy than others. But some, simply could not be folded to the point of shattering.

Of the roughly 100 discs that were destroyed, about 8 were of the non-foldable variety. Each and every one of those were Memorex.

I’ll never buy another brand of optical media again. Regardless of cost. (Though I’m not sure when I’ll need to buy more optical media now that Apple decided that’s a dead technology.)

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In the Future, I'll Only Buy Memorex Optical Media - February 23, 2013 - Richard Koopmann