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2012 Oct 05, Friday

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The Squarespace app for iOS is only marginally better than nothing. The app shows the stats for your website, which is nice.

You can create posts from the device, but you can’t specify the URL, instead, the app spits off some random characters as the URL. The only way to get the results I’m after is by creating the post on the mobile device, hitting Save Draft to Website, going to the website on my home computer, and changing the URL under the options tab. Convenient, no?

But if you ever try editing an existing post on the iPhone, good luck. For almost every post, the app proclaims

This post is currently too complex to edit on mobile devices. (View/Delete Allowed)

Which appears to be their way of saying “Sorry, but we get all confused about editing plain-text”.


Too complex to edit - October 5, 2012 - Richard Koopmann