I wrote some things you may be interested in?

shifty metadata

Current file path

finding conventions, establishing standards


benchmarking the sasload statement

rebuilding wide macros

last week of quarter

setting %array values through %do_over

convert to a [hhmmss-type integer to a] sas time - (SO)

pretty note blocks

writing fractions in html

my sas global forum 2013 abstract

blocks, not lines

dates from date times

classical sas

resolve function

wuss2012: building macros and tracking their use

windows environment variables

my sasgf12 timeline

self-purging macros?

simulating child's play

getting feedback on macro parameters

macros and the data step

api upgrades

vending machine math

the positive side of keeping all your eggs in one basket

dates in datetime fields


the VVALUE function--like a quick PUT function

label carryover

month of quarter variable

how do i read a file's creation date?


the utility of generic macros

an mmddyyyy hhmmss informat. kinda.

random dates

calculating average time (duration)

%d: a handy little macro for dynamic dating

encoding data points for use with google charts api calls

reading overlapping text segments

reading non-standard datetime values

reading iso dates and datetimes

frustrations with dashboarding in sas 9.1.3


sas variable lists

scraping the sas training pages

proc pwdecode

the missing format: qyy

wiping usb drives

autosave my day

the ugly truth about call execute

let that be a lesson to 'ya!

converting yyyymmdd-type integer to sas date values

what's the point of this?

itunes xml parser

sashboards = dashboards in sas?

calculating period-to-period changes in sas


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